One that goes in advance to clear a passage.

Outrider clears the path for human and planet-friendly yard operations.

Outrider was founded on four key principles:

  • /01Enhance the safety and efficiency of freight movement to let people focus on high-value tasks.
  • /02Advanced yard operations should not rely on polluting fossil fuel vehicles.
  • /03Think systemically and bring together the best minds in software, robotics, and logistics.
  • /04Build exceptional products that work in the real world.


Autonomy delivers great business benefits — efficiency and safety.



Electric, zero-emission yard trucks are the best choice for autonomy and the environment.

With this powerful combination, Outrider helps drive the rapid adoption of sustainable freight transportation.

Making a difference.

Outrider delivers autonomous zero-emission systems that positively impact people, profit, and planet.

Good for

Automation keeps people out of harm’s way. Outrider works with companies committed to phasing in autonomy responsibly.

Good for

Eliminating repetitive manual tasks in the yard makes operations – up and down the supply chain – more efficient, resulting in lower operating costs and higher profit margins.

Good for the

By using electric trucks for yard automation, enterprises can systematically replace diesel with the Outrider System to improve their sustainability profile.

Living a Safety Culture.

Outrider lives a culture of safety. It pervades our business — from our safety-critical system design and site-specific safety plans to our internal operations.

Like you, Outrider takes safety in and around the yard very seriously. Outrider developed its autonomy safety case using reference functional safety standards; customer best practices and site specifications; and third-party expertise.


Our values.

At Outrider, everything starts with a shared vision to use autonomy to improve the lives of people, whether it’s the jobs we do or the environment in which we live. Each day, we collaborate to solve tough problems and then execute the solution.

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Testing under
real-world conditions.

The Outrider System is extensively tested at the Advanced Testing Facility, which mimics the realities of distribution yards. This 200,000-square-foot distribution yard operates every day to bring you the most reliable, robust yard automation solution on the market.