April 8, 2021

Outrider and Rite-Hite partner to accelerate the adoption of yard automation

Outrider to ensure seamless links between warehouses and over-the-road trucks.

Outrider, the pioneer in autonomous yard operations for logistics hubs, today announced a partnership with Rite-Hite, a leader in the manufacture, sale, and service of loading dock equipment and other industrial solutions, to accelerate the adoption of yard automation. The solutions offered by Outrider and Rite-Hite enable large enterprises to more quickly and easily deploy full yard automation technology at logistics facilities.

There is an opportunity to relocate certain tasks from outside to inside the warehouse in order to support safer, more efficient logistics operations. In today’s distribution yards, over-the-road and yard truck drivers repeatedly exit their trucks to open and close trailer swing doors before backing to or pulling away from a loading dock. Outrider and Rite-Hite offer solutions that enable warehouse operators to open and close swing-door trailers from inside the facility.

“Distribution yards are chaotic industrial environments with 80,000-pound vehicles operating continuously up to 24 hours per day. Our partnership with Rite-Hite can help keep people out of harm’s way,” said Andrew Smith, Founder and CEO of Outrider. “Logistics-dependent enterprises are moving quickly to ensure their distribution centers are capable of supporting automation. Working together, Outrider and Rite-Hite help companies design the facility and processes to fully automate distribution yards across the globe.” 

Outrider is exclusively focused on automating distribution yards. The Outrider System consists of three integrated parts — management software, autonomous vehicles, and site infrastructure — to move trailers between loading docks and parking spots. Using proprietary autonomy technology, the Outrider System hitches and un-hitches trailers, robotically connects and disconnects trailer brake lines, interacts with loading docks, tracks trailer locations, and centrally manages and monitors all system functions.  

Rite-Hite offers many types of loading dock levelers based on customer needs. In particular, its  Vertical Dock Leveler with a continuous pit design enables both swing and roll door trailers to be opened from inside the facility, thus keeping boots off the ground in the dangerous approach area. Additionally, Rite-Hite’s solutions help improve safety at a facility. These solutions include vehicle restraints, dock lights and communication systems, and dock seals and shelters that can integrate with the Outrider System. Rite-Hite solutions that support yard automation are available for both new and retrofitted facilities.

“Outrider is the clear leader in logistics yard automation,” said Joe Manone, President and CEO of Rite-Hite Products Corporation and Rite-Hite Digital Solutions. “This is why we made our first corporate venture investment in Outrider’s series B financing and have now deepened our commercial relationship. This preferred partnership paves the way for joint enterprise customers to quickly and easily deploy full yard automation.” 

Outrider has established a broad partner ecosystem to seamlessly link distribution center operations with over-the-road trucking. Recently, Outrider shared that it’s partnering with Ouster, a leading lidar sensor technology provider, as well as Prologis Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Prologis, the world’s leader in logistics real estate solutions, on designing the yard of the future. To date, Outrider has raised a total of $118M in funding, filed extensive intellectual property, completed multiple pilot programs, and was recognized by Gartner, Inc. as a 2020 “Cool Vendor in Supply Chain Execution Technologies.” 

About Outrider™

Outrider, the pioneer in autonomous yard operations for logistics hubs, helps large enterprises improve safety and increase efficiency. The only company exclusively focused on automating all aspects of yard operations, Outrider eliminates manual tasks that are hazardous and repetitive. Outrider’s mission is to drive the rapid adoption of sustainable freight transportation by deploying zero-emission systems. Outrider is a private company backed by NEA, 8VC, Koch Disruptive Technologies, and other top-tier investors. For more information, visit 

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Founded in 1965, Rite-Hite is a world leader in the manufacture, sale, and service of loading dock equipment, industrial doors, safety barriers, HVLS fans, and more. Rite-Hite’s Mission is to improve industrial safety, security, and productivity, worldwide, through quality and innovation. The company has over 2,100 employees globally with more than 70 representative organizations in 100 countries throughout North America, Asia, Europe and South America. For more information on Rite-Hite please visit: