A holistic view of safety

Safety underpins our company, our system.

Safety culture

At Outrider, we have a safety-first mentality. From continuous training and coaching to anonymous reporting processes, we make sure that this core value runs through our operations, our development, and our culture.

Safety Case framework

We’re delivering safety-critical autonomous solutions using an exhaustive Safety Case framework, which includes risk assessment, design complete, testing complete, and sign-off. We use engineering and operational mitigations to address every concern.

Safety Case management

We put the framework to the test under real-world conditions. Using field data to verify our assumptions and design, we proactively develop and apply mitigations to our system.

Maze strategy

01/ Safety engineering process


Outrider leverages multiple safety standards to develop our autonomous system. Throughout the development stage, we assess risks and implement mitigations into the system design.

Lab flask experiment



We rigorously test the Outrider System on multiple levels. We start by running it through millions of scenarios using virtual and on-vehicle testing. Then, we extensively test the system at our Advanced Testing Facility, which mimics real-world distribution yards.

Space rocket flying



When the Outrider System arrives at your site, we deploy it according to pre-defined operational procedures. The Outrider Support team conducts routine system safety checks and provides 24×7 remote monitoring of the system.

Breadth and depth of experience

Collectively, our dedicated system safety engineering team has over 100 years of experience across a wide range of backgrounds, including robotics, automotive, and all types of autonomous vehicles – consumer, commercial, defense, and industrial.