Your path to
autonomous yards.


Fully integrated system

Keep freight moving efficiently and your employees productive and out of harm’s way. Outrider focuses exclusively on automating yard operations with a 3-part integrated system.

  • Management software Management software
  • Autonomous vehicles Autonomous vehicles
  • Site infrastructure Site infrastructure
Management software

Management software

Cloud-based software, Mission Control manages and optimizes autonomous yards to dispatch and monitor multiple trailer moves — onsite or remotely. Works stand-alone or in concert with other supply-chain software.


Autonomous vehicles

Outrider transforms electric yard trucks into autonomous vehicles that couple tractor to trailer using its patented TrailerConnect™ robotic arm and precisely maneuver between dock doors, parking spots, and areas for over-the-road pickup.

Site infrastructure

Site infrastructure

Communications, controls, and other capabilities necessary to quickly and cost-effectively deploy automation across your entire distribution network.

Analysts Are Saying

In yard automation, safe automated driving is just the start. Outrider understands the workflow of trailer moves within complex freight yard environments and how to effectively apply automated yard operations technology in busy, messy, real-world environments.

Richard Bishop

Automated Vehicles Strategy and Partnerships

2015 Mar Bishop

Uncompromised safety.

Safety permeates the Outrider System

  • Safety permeates the Outrider System
  • Obstacle monitoring
    Obstacle monitoring
  • Hazard avoidance
    Hazard avoidance
  • Emergency override
    Emergency override

Outrider developed its autonomy safety case using reference functional safety standards; customer best practices and site specifications; and third-party expertise. Outrider is helping define the next generation standards for Level 4 Autonomy System Design.